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Common Problems Slowing Down Your Computer

One of the most frequent complaints a person may have about their computer is the fact that it often runs slow. There is nothing more aggravating when rushing to your computer because of a sudden need to access the internet. So you turn on the computer and then it seems as though you are sitting there for an extensive period of time waiting on it to load up. The only thing you are able to see is the hour glass. You continue to sit and wait until it disappears in order for you to type in the website address. Finally, the hour glass is gone and you are able to access the information. However, only seconds later, the computer freezes. Here again, you sit and wait until it is ready for use again. So now you feel you are wasting your time because what should have taken less than 5 minutes took twenty minutes or more. You have now lost all patience, however, something must be done to rectify the problem.

There are do- it- yourself remedies you can follow, such as using a registry cleaning software for your Windows registry. This will get rid of the clutter in your Windows registry, which causes freezes and slow operation.

Viruses can slow up your computer also because it takes up a large space of memory on your system. This occurs without a person realizing it. Viruses interfere with PC performances, and can damage your personal information. There are do-it-yourself remedies for this also, such as using an anti-virus program.

If you are still having problems after making these repairs, you should check to see how many programs were installed. You might have too many programs which decreases the speed in seconds.

Another reason your computer can run slow is because there are too many files throughout the hard drive and file searching takes an extremely long time. The remedy to this is to use the disk fragment tool in Windows. If you continue to have difficulties, then the other option is to check for hardware problems. This can be caused by clogs of dust and overheating. So if your computer shuts down frequently, it can be a hardware problem.

Keep in mind that any or all of these issues may occur at some point in time, however, the important thing to remember is not to become frustrated because these issues can be resolved, whether professionally or by do-it-yourself performances.

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