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Free or Low Cost Web Hosting Service – Which is Best?

Creating a website is very inexpensive, that is, when you compare it to other types of new business services. Still, this can be a hefty expense when you are just starting. One of the costs you probably didn’t consider is that of web hosting. This is the price of the space your website will occupy on the Internet. There are many different web hosting options, and the different options can cause a little confusion. Many services advertise free hosting, but as in all things that are free, this may not be one of the best services. In fact, free hosting can be more of a hindrance than a benefit. It’s always best to go for a reliable web hosting plan like those available at Sparknode hosting. These reasonable packages offer more of a benefit than any of the free options.

The Difference
let’s discuss the major differences between the free and the low cost plan. Freeze as it states, a plan at no cost to the user. However, this type of plan offers few customization options, little to no SEO benefits, and usually don’t come with the.com option. Besides free hosting options are rarely reliable; they open and close within the blink of an eye.

You should also take into consideration that most free hosting companies receive the revenue through advertising, meaning, there are all sorts of annoying ads on websites under this plan. This in turn can have an adverse affect on your business growth. Readers will turn away when the advertisements are to annoying.
You can also expect limitations on free accounts. There are limits on the types of files in the amount of files you can place on the server. This is determined by each of the free hosting services.

Benefits of a Low-Cost Hosting Company
Low-cost hosting companies don’t necessarily mean low quality hosting options. The contrary, many large hosting companies offer low cost hosting to new users. The reason this type of hosting is so inexpensive is because the hosting company wants to give you room to grow and help you get started, knowing that later, you may want to upgrade to a larger account. A reliable hosting company offers you close to 100% up time, me your website will always remain on the web for the time of your contract. They also offer fast uploads, meaning your visitors can access your pages and change to the different web pages on your website quickly.

Reliable web hosting companies will also offer you exceptional service, customer support and tech support for any questions, problems or issues you might have.

Bottom Line
There’s no question that the best option for hosting website is a paid one. However, this doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive plan. As a new business, you’ll do fine with just a basic hosting plan that comes at an inexpensive price. In the end, this offers a more affordable solution to your website hosting needs.

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