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Future: Memories Forever

In the future, there will be many different gadgets that will change the way that we do things. There is one gadget in particular that will change something that you never thought would be touched, funerals. This does not create a new way to bury people but it does introduce a new way to remember your loved one.

This gadget is called the digital urn and it is not what it sounds like. It is comparable to a USB device. It is a small stick with memory on it and you store photos, songs, videos, etc on it. Supposedly it is to be worn as a necklace, if you so desire, because then you will always have them close to your heart.

It is less like a USB device and more like an mp3 player when it comes to the memories. You will be able to play them wherever without having to plug it into a computer. It will have the ability for you to view videos on a screen, listen to music, and view the photos while you are away from the Internet or a computer. This is something that can make moving on easier in many ways. You are away from the boxes and the stuff, and you are left with the essence of who the person was. They were the smiling face in the photo, the beautiful voice you hear in the video, and the person who danced to that one Frank Sinatra song.

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