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How To Build Links to Your Blog

With all of the options out there available to help you get your business running, looking into OrangeSoda is a great idea. However, you can also go the long way and do the task of building links to your blog all by yourself. That is, assuming that you are willing and have time to do so. With a little time and effort, anyone is able to set up links to their own individual blogs easily.
The first step to building links to your blog is to write, write, and write some more. Take some time in making sure that your blog has information that people want to read and know. Some people hire a guest blogger, but you always have to be careful when doing that. You don’t want bad blog entries that nobody will want to read. Decide to start off small, since, as Barby (2013) put it, “As a brand new blog it can be really tough to gain links from high authority sites. Unless you have something particularly unique or special (and even then you might struggle), it’s an uphill battle to get your content in front of anyone.” That way, you won’t be disappointed for no reason when you cannot, like all other new bloggers, get any reputable links to help you advertise your site. Any link that you decide to put onto your blog needs to, however, be able to help bring traffic. “…run an inquiry through Google-intitle:travel blog inurl:”links” OR “resources” (Barby, 2013).
The second step, according to Barby (2013), is to go “..into Google’s search settings and selected to view 100 results per page instead of 10.” He goes on to say that you need to wait until you have 100 listings.
The third step, according to Barby (2013), is to scrape “all the URLs using the ‘Scrape Similar’ plugin for Chrome and exported them to a .CSV file.” He deletes all irreverent links and gets the domain/page authority for each using MozCheck.com, pasting them onto the sheet. He sorted them by page authority, and removed any that had a PA lower than ~25, until 40 targets are left.
For the fourth step, Barby (2013) “scanned the amount of outbound links on the pages using Niels Bosma’s SEOtools plugin for Excel and sorted the list by pages with the lowest number of outbound links on them.” By doing this, he improved the overall power of his link, helping him get more traffic.
The last step, according to Barby (2013) is to get “in touch with webmasters from the sites to see if they would list my site on theirs (using only branded anchor text) in exchange for their site appearing on the ‘Our Friends’ section of my blog.”

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