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Project Manager Jobs in London and a Look Ahead to 2014

When it comes to project manager jobs, London is full of opportunity; you just have to know where to look. A highly competitive industry, project manager positions generally involve the management and execution of work plans and other concerns related to project and objective implementation. Other duties can even include the analysis of utilization, bill rates, margins, profitability and revenue. In the year 2014, project manager jobs should still be in demand as they are this year in London. However, that demand is not unlimited. Here is a look at the project manager jobs in London and a look ahead to 2014.

Project Manager to Operations Manager

Oftentimes in this specific industry, there is room for a project manager to eventually be promoted to an operations manager, which carries greater responsibility, but also comes with more pay and seniority. Successful candidates who will work at this job will learn all about the FMCG and retail sectors while also offering data solutions to a client base that reaches all corners of the globe. Such a position that deals with serving a global client base can be quite rewarding financially. For instance, the average yearly salary of such a person can reach up to £70,000 per year.

Project Manager (Financial World)

A project manager can even work in the financial services industry. For instance, the City of London has an opening for a project manager, whose duties will include planning, management and delivery of financial projects on time and on budget. It is imperative that a candidate who wants a position in this line of work possesses a solid understanding of budget management, resource management, business case management and even PM methods and processes. Someone working in this job needs to have the competence to plot out and execute a project from inception to completion. This requires a lot of discipline, patience and orderly thinking and organization.

Paying Patient System Project Manager

A project manager for a paying patient system can earn a good amount of money, between £300 and £350 per day. Essentially, an individual who wants to be accepted for a position of this type must have a strong background in both project management and business design processes. Candidates will have a better chance of getting the position if they demonstrate well-rounded experience and strong skills, including great communication and leadership attributes, the ability to turn out clear documentation, experience with regard to report-needs analysis as well as determining clear objectives, and, finally, experience with regard to procurement exercises inside of a public sector environment.

There are various project manager jobs in London, in various industries and locales. Looking ahead at the coming year of 2014, project manager jobs will still be around. However, the level of demand for a project manager position won’t experience any noteworthy increases. Other sectors such as construction and IT jobs will do much better in 2014, as far as demand is concerned. Competition for the limited number of project manager jobs will also remain strong, so the key to getting a good position will be improving upon your skills.

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