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Raising Brand Visibility With Awesome Apps For Teens And Tweens

Teens and tweens are doing more with their smartphones and tablets than just texting; they are online, choosing movies, checking out the latest fashions and reading video game reviews. While teens and tweens need help from a parent with a credit or debit card for online purchases, they are making on the spot purchasing decisions using information they find online. Teens and tweens adapt to any new technology with a speed that will amaze a tech-savvy adult. Show a teen an app and they will be using it before the average adult finds the download button.

Brands that would benefit from marketing with an app designed for tweens or teenagers generally need help from a mobile app development company. Creating awesome, intuitive mobile apps that people want to download is not easy; even do-it-yourself app development software assumes the user has some application development knowledge. In addition, a company specializing in app development will create a cross platform app that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Teens and tweens are not as likely to use Blackberry or Windows platforms.

Teens do not like apps that violate their privacy. They want to be social but they will avoid downloading or they will uninstall any app that requests too much personal information to use. This is good news for parents but any company developing an app geared toward the tween or teen demographic need to be very careful about asking for personal information. Understanding the tween and teen audience is vital for creating awesome apps. For example, apps that use GPS features are not popular with teens that frequently disable their phone’s GPS feature. Apps that synchronize with Facebook are extremely popular; anyone over 13 years old can create a Facebook account and most teens have one.

Apps for tweens and teens that raise brand visibility or have m=commerce capabilities should focus on quality user experiences integrated with social media. Using a professional mobile app development company is essential because apps that don’t make a splash with fickle tweens and teens are a waste of money. Teens are increasingly adopting an m-commerce mentality; girls expect apps that let them create outfits with accessories in virtual fitting rooms and share the creations with friends. These tween and teen shoppers are an emerging market who will soon drive to stores to shop or have credit cards to shop online. Apps capture them early, building loyal customers who have disposable incomes.

Awesome apps for tweens and teens are the ideal way to build brand awareness and typically, they are some of the least expensive apps to develop.

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