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Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

It is easy to keep customers happy as long as a company is providing exceptional customer service and doing some of the small things like having a small business TV in the waiting room or providing free coffee or hot chocolate.

Customer service is one of the hardest things for any business to get right.  It is difficult to treat customers like they should be treated when the pressures and the realities of the business world are bearing down on the people who own the business or on those who are on the frontlines.

We have all encountered the business where the employees don’t seem to care anymore.  They do not have a stake in making the business great and are more interested in serving their hours, collecting their paycheck and going home.  It is vital for customer service that any employee buys into the company and has the power to make good customer service decisions.  Employees who are not empowered to help the customer, not only hide behind the company’s rules, but also feel of little value to the company and the person that they are supposed to be helping.

If a business can harness the potential of its employees, its potential is unlimited.  One way to do this is to put customers second.  Southwest Airlines has had a long history of treating their employees like family and is one of the few airlines to remain profitable throughout the 1990s.  Part of this profitability came from the initiative that the employees took to help the company do the right things right.  They pioneered the ten minute turnaround for planes; they made voluntary donations to a fund to help defray the costs of rising fuel prices, and they found ways to use less fuel.

Once the employees are empowered to take care of customers’ complaints, then there are added minor benefits that can help a company increase its customers’ happiness levels.  For businesses that have the birthdates of their customers, a personal birthday greeting is a great way to show that the business cares.  Most people like having their birthday recognized and will truly be taken aback when a card arrives from a business and is personally signed by someone at the business.

At a small business with a waiting room, a small business TV might be required.  Using the correct programming can enhance the atmosphere of the waiting room.  Choose programs that won’t cause anger, fear or boredom.  Some satellite providers can give the business a recommendation of what channels are most appropriate to the business in question.  Other items in the waiting room might include a children’s area with books and toys, up to date reading materials and coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

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